☼ + ☀ ..allday..
do you have tapes i can get from u :)

..physical ones, not anymore; I MIGHT though but it will be a VERY limited run, hmm not sure, left hand path or right hand, we’ll see..

..email for digital..

..Smudge Specialist..


Ibex with funny facial expression (by Tambako the Jaguar)

The Mata Mata Turtle
Hello i wanted to know how we can get KVZE's albums. I'd like to buy his songs if possible. Thank you.


..I’m passed this KVZE stuff, I still don’t understand, maybe someone can explain it to me one day; It’s like you guys are trying to collect pieces of my soul, I’m getting skeptical nowadays..

..Well I converted them ALL over to digital, so shoot me an list davidstraange[at]gmail..

..”Keep contemplation in check and achieve bliss”..

- S T R A A N G E


 Malachite @ the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2008